1.  I think DonaldTrump epitomizes so many bad qualities – sexism, racism, vulgarity, bullying behavior, and lies that his name will be synonymous to F***. Trump will be the expletive in our language. “Trump you,”“TrumpHole,” and “Mother Trumper.”

2. When Trump gets honored at Madame Tussaud’s museum, he will insist on having a naked statute of himself. He will pay them extra to get certain parts exaggerated so he can prove the critics wrong once and for all. Then we can watch his statue wax off.

3. I think Trump is doing a good job in averting any attacks by ISIS in the US. What’s the point of trying to attack the US and take it back to the middle ages, when Trump is already doing it for them?

4. “Everyone has to take a test to do their job – Lawyers do, doctors do, even barbers do, but the president of the United States doesn’t have to take a test. The one test Donald Trump ever took was to prove that he wasn’t the father.

5.Why do we get attracted to things that are not good for our health? Alcohol. Drugs. Donald Trump.