Things to Look For in a College Essay Topic

Things to Look For in a College Essay Topic

The last brainstorming method is to think about whether you will find particular personality traits you need to highlight. This approach can feel rather silly, but it can certainly be very effective.

Yourself to an employer, or maybe even a potential date, how would you do it if you were trying to sell? Try to think of specific qualities which make you get noticed. What exactly are some situations in which you exhibited this trait?

Example: Eva’s >

Looking at the Common App prompts, Eva wasn’t immediately interested in any of them, but after a bit of consideration she thought it might be nice to publish about her passion for literature for the first one, which asks about something “so meaningful your application would be incomplete without one.” Alternatively, she liked the specificity associated with the failure prompt and thought she might come up with a job that is bad she had had.

In terms of important events, Eva’s parents got divorced when she was three and she’s been going forward and backward between their houses for as long as she can remember, in order that’s a large part of her personal story. She’s also played piano for many four many years of senior school, although she is not particularly good.

As for personal traits, Eva is truly happy with her curiosity — if she does not know something, she immediately looks it up, and sometimes ultimately ends up discovering new topics she’s enthusiastic about. […]