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Why Are Mexican Ladies So Jealous of Successful Mexican Women?

Why Are Mexican Ladies So Jealous of Successful Mexican Women?

DEAR MEXICAN: how come a lot of Mexican women feel so jealous when other Mexican ladies be successful? I must handle this all the time click the link now. Please explain.

A Mexican that is successful Girl

DEAR POCHA: Because cishet patriarchy—DUH.

DEAR MEXICAN: just how do i overcome my self-consciousness about being viewed as a “sellout” for dating a white man? I do believe if We had been a receptionist, I’d feel less difficult, but I’m a professional and hate fitting in to the label for the effective Latina because of the hyphenated name that is last. Will there be in any manner that a chola from East Los Angeles and a surfer from Malibu wouldn’t be regarded as a couple that is odd?

DEAR CRAZY NOT TRASHY: You’re not really a sellout for dating gabachos; you’re a vendida for thinking you’re much better than others because you’re a “professional.” And an assistant is not? Possibly the Malibu audience think you’re a maid, and perhaps the Eastlos crowd think your surfer is some hipster douchebag.

DEAR MEXICAN: Why have actually you all kept Astrid Hadad this type of key? I simply saw a show about her, as well as for God’s benefit! A female who has got a huge pair of breasts changed to a dress? THIS girl actually, actually requires a more impressive market on her work. Does she ever started to el norte? Would you ask? Please? A wit is had by her such as a razor for all. […]