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A Perfect Marriage: Evangelicals and Conservatives in Latin America

A Perfect Marriage: Evangelicals and Conservatives in Latin America

AMHERST, Mass. — Evangelical churches today are available in nearly every community in Latin America — and they’re transforming politics like no other force. They have been providing conservative factors, and particularly governmental parties, new energy and brand brand brand new constituencies.

In Latin America, Christianity was previously connected with Roman Catholicism. The church held a near monopoly on faith before the 1980s. The only challenge to Catholicism ended up being anticlericalism and atheism. There has not been another faith. As yet.

Evangelicals account for almost 20 percent of the population in Latin America, up from 3 percent three decades ago today. In some central countries that are american evangelicals are near majorities.

Evangelical pastors embrace diverse ideologies, however when it comes down to gender and sexuality, their values are usually conservative, patriarchal and homophobic. They anticipate ladies to be entirely submissive for their evangelical husbands. As well as in every national nation in your community, they usually have taken the strongest stands against homosexual legal rights.

The increase of evangelicalism is politically worrisome. Evangelicals are fueling a form that is new of. They truly are providing conservative parties with nonelite voters, which will be advantageous to democracy, however these voters are generally intransigent on issues of sex, which feeds social polarization. […]