1. My kids were standing in the backyard and these two deer were staring at them. Suddenly my son, Neil, said something and the deer ran away. When asked, he said, “I simply asked them if they wanted to try my mom’s Indian cooking? Maybe, a little Aloo Gobhi? 2. I get worried about my Read more about Family[…]


1. Indians have a long way to go in sex education. They did a survey and asked married Indian women if they have had an orgasm.” 80% said, No. The rest, 20%, said, yes, they had one. They had it installed in the kitchen last year. 2. In India, they did a survey of graduating Read more about Indians[…]


1.  I think DonaldTrump epitomizes so many bad qualities – sexism, racism, vulgarity, bullying behavior, and lies that his name will be synonymous to F***. Trump will be the expletive in our language. “Trump you,”“TrumpHole,” and “Mother Trumper.” 2. When Trump gets honored at Madame Tussaud’s museum, he will insist on having a naked statute Read more about Political[…]